STS™ Helmet Light - Orange


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Supplier Code: HLSHA-19-R7


Our INOVA Swipe-To-Shine Hemet Light is a real head-turner, for all the right reasons. Housed in a waterproof, impact-resistant, polycarbonate body, with two LED colours (white or red) and multiple modes, the INOVA STS Helmet Light is activated by a simple swipe of your finger across the top of the light. Swipe once for high steady beam (for distance illumination), twice for medium beam (for reading or working at close proximity), and three times for flash mode (to make yourself safely visible to others around you). A variable dim mode allows you to easily adjust the light output to match your needs. Featuring a versatile base mounting bracket, you can either mount the Helmet Light by attaching the foam-backed base with the included elastic adjustable strap through your helmet vents, or use the included 3M® VHB™ tape to semi-permanently adhere the base to your helmet's smooth surface. Once in place, the STS Helmet Light can be adjusted to different angles, allowing you to fine-tune beam direction as needed.


  • Multi-mode, dual LED colour helmet light featuring a simple touch activated user interface - Swipe-To-Shine™
  • Two attachment options to fit most helmet styles:
    • Mount on vented helmets with foam backed adjustable bracket with high quality elastic strap
    • Mount on the surface of solid helmets with semi-permanent 3M® VHB™ adhesive
  • Lumens (White LED): High - 142 | Medium - 40 | Low - 3
  • Run Time (White LED): High 4 hours and 40 min | Medium 26 hours and 40 min | Low - 255 hours
  • IPX-7 - Waterproof to 1 metre
  • 1 white high power LED featuring 5 modes (high, variable dim, medium, strobe, and lockout)
  • 2 Red LEDs for preserving night vision that features 5 modes (high, variable dim, medium, strobe, and lockout)
  • Fully programmed lock-out mode to prevent accidental activation when transporting or storing
  • Battery Type: 3 x AAA alkaline replaceable batteries
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate body
  • Light can be removed from base bracket
  • Adjustable Angles for precise illumination
  • Try me packaging - allows for lighting demonstration
  • Dimensions:  47.2mm x 70.7mm x 42.2mm
  • Weight: 97.0g

This product is part of a multi mount system. The light body can fit interchangeably into our Bike Mount, Helmet Mount, or Headlamp Strap Brackets. Please select any of these add-on items from the drop down menu.