Keybiner Shackle


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The Keybiner Shackle is a leather key holder, to tidy up and organise your keys.

It features a US Military style secure sprung gate carabiner clip. Organise your keys securely and neatly with this stylish personal key holder with a shackle pin with secure split ring, is made from genuine cowhide leather and fits 1-4 keys. The additional ring allows for more than 4 keys to be carried.

Carabiners, or often called, D-Rings by military professionals, are widely used in rope-intensive activities such as climbing or sailing and are used by the US Military due to their strength and quick ease of use which is why we decided to incorporate one into our Keybiner Shackle.

Dimensions: Length: 77mm Width: 32mm Depth: 22mm

Weight: 30g

Material: 420 High grade stainless steel. Genuine cowhide leather


  • Holds 1-4 keys
  • U.S. Military style fail-safe carabiner
  • Shackle pin with secure split ring